Rules of the Regnum Shield Print Competition

  1. The Competition for the Regnum Shield shall be open to all clubs who are members of the Regnum Crouch Group.
  2. Each competing club shall act as host by agreement.
  3. The Committee of the Regnum Crouch Group will appoint a judge.  The judge must have no connection with any member club and be prepared to pre-judge.
  4. The Competition shall be held in November of each year.  Club entries must be submitted to the host club not less than 21 days before the date of the Competition.
  5. Prints entered for this Competition must have been produced within three years before the date of entry for the Competition and must not be entered more than once in the Competition.  An image which has previously been entered as a projected digital image in the Crouch Shield Competition for Projected Digital Images may not be entered in this Competition. The entry of very similar images in successive competitions is discouraged.
  6. Prints must be on mounts 50 x 40cm in size and may be home produced or trade processed.
  7. No person shall submit prints on behalf of more than one club.
  8. Each club entry shall consist of eight prints of any subject – not more than two prints from any one person – and must contain prints from at least six persons. The entry must be accompanied by a digital copy of each print, excluding the mount, on the media (normally a CD) and in the format specified by the host club. 
  9. The winning club shall be responsible for the safe keeping of the Shield and shall return it for the following year’s Competition.
  10. The Shield may not be won outright.
  11. The Regnum Crouch Group may wish to publish prints which are entered for this Competition on its website (  Entry of a print for this Competition will be taken as permission for such publication unless the contrary is indicated at the time of entry.

Revised April 2017.