Notes for the Host Club


  1. Clubs will take turns to host the competitions according to a rota published by the Committee of the Regnum Crouch Group (the Committee). 
  2. The Host Club is responsible for all the arrangements necessary to ensure the success of the competition.
  3. If the Host Club cannot fulfill its obligations for any reason, the Committee should be informed as soon as possible.  The Committee is always willing to advise on any matters of difficulty or uncertainty.
  4. Up-to-date versions of these Notes, the Competition Rules and the Competition Rota may be found on the Regnum Crouch Group website (
  5. The Host Club may accept sponsorship in the form of money or goods from businesses or other organizations which deal in photographic goods or services or have any other interest in photography.  It is expected that, subject to the wishes of the sponsor, any such money or goods will be used as prizes and to defray competition expenses, or be raffled on the competition night.  The Host Club should seek the approval of the Regnum Committee before accepting any such sponsorship arrangement.


  1. The Crouch Shield Competition is held in March and the Regnum Print Competition is held in November each year.  Both competitions are usually held on a weekday evening, preferably during the first two weeks of March or November to avoid clashing with Sussex Photographic Federation events.  The Host Club will find and book a suitable venue which will hold about 150 people.  The dates of the competitions for the following season must be fixed before the AGM of the Regnum Crouch Group (usually held in April). The Secretary of the Regnum Crouch Group should be informed as soon as a booking has been confirmed.
  2. The Host Club will pay all costs associated with the competition, except the judge’s fee and expenses.  These costs will normally be recovered by charging an entrance fee and holding a raffle on the night.
  3. The Host Club will ensure that sufficient public liability insurance is held on the premises for the event.  
  4. The Committee will select a Judge and will ensure that he/she is fully briefed on the nature of the competition.  Details will be passed to the Host Club as soon as a booking has been confirmed.  The Judge must not be a member of any competing club and must be prepared to pre-judge the competition.  The Judge’s fee and expenses will be paid by the Regnum Crouch Group, subject to a maximum of £75.
  5. The Host Club will tell all other clubs in the Regnum Crouch Group, at least 6 weeks before the entries are due in, the final date for entry, where entries are to be delivered, and the start time, date, entry cost and venue with directions (preferably a map) for the competition.
  6. The Host Club will arrange with the Judge to have the entries pre-judged, marking out of twenty. 
  7. The Host Club will ensure that the current holder of the Shield will return it in a clean condition on or before the evening of the competition.
  8. The Committee will arrange for the supply of a trophy for the best entry.


  1. The host club will provide suitable screen(s), projector(s) and a print easel, as appropriate.  If possible, the equipment should be tested at the venue before the competition to ensure that there are no problems. Where a colour test screen is used, it must be shown in normal projection conditions.
  2. The Host Club should provide such lighting as may be needed by the scorer and the Judge, a light pointer, and a public address system, all of which should be tested in advance.  
  3. The Host Club should provide competing clubs with a list of all entries on which to keep scores.
  4. The Host Club will reserve seats in the front row for the Regnum Crouch Committee, the Judge and the Chairman of the Host Club plus any persons accompanying them (about 12 seats).
  5. The Host Club is responsible for meeting the Judge and providing such hospitality as may be needed, including refreshments during the interval.
  6. The Host Club will welcome the Judge and make him/her aware of the running order for the evening and any other relevant information.
  7. If possible the Committee of the Host Club will wear lapel badges showing name and office.
  8. The Chairman of the Host Club will open the evening by announcing details of the fire exits, interval and refreshments.  He/she will then introduce the Chairman of the Regnum Crouch Group who will introduce the Judge.
  9. The Host Club will provide a scorer, an announcer and a projectionist.  The announcer will read out the title of each entry as it is displayed, and repeat the title with the club and the mark when the Judge has completed his/her comments.  The Host Club will arrange for the display and/or announcement of the interim and final scores during the course of the competition.
  10. In the case of the Regnum Print Competition, arrangements should be made, if practicable, to display the entries during the interval and at the end of the competition. 
  11. After the last round, arrangements should be made to show the winning club's panel and the entries gaining top points, from which the best entry is selected.  
  12. At the end of the competition the Shield and the award for the best image will be presented by the Judge.  The Chairman of the Regnum Crouch Group will propose a vote of thanks to the Judge and the Host Club.  The Chairman of the Host Club will close the proceedings.
  13. The Host Club will provide a full copy of the results of the competition to each competing club and to the Group Secretary at the end of the competition, or as soon as possible thereafter, and ensure that all entries are returned to the competing clubs.


  1. The Host Club should e-mail a spreadsheet containing the results, and image files for the winning club’s entry and the best image, to [email protected] for posting on the Group’s website (
  2. Engraving the shield is the responsibility of the winning club.

Revised March 2013